Friday, January 04, 2008

Shy People Suck

As hard as it may be to believe, I have moments of shyness. Rarely. But all of us have felt uncomfortable in a social situation at some point.
I remember kindergarten pre-morning class play time. Children could play with the nursery toys until class began. This one little bitch always monopolized the Fisher Price phone. Every freakin' day. And every day I would find something else to play with while maintaining eye contact with said phone figuring she would eventually move on to something else. It usually worked with my older brother. Alas, no. Finally, having ENOUGH of it, I approached the big eyed quiet girl and asked if I could play with her and the phone. She just stared at me. Never said a word. I asked again. What the hell? I knew good and well that she wasn't deaf. Exasperated, I walked away.
When I recounted the story to my mom that day, Mom defended her by saying that she was probably shy and revealed that as a child, she too was "painfully" shy.
All my life, I hear that quiet and reticent folks are shy when they don't respond to your introductions, look at you like a cow in a passing train, or don't acknowledge polite inquiries. Well, screw that. Shy people suck.

Shy means not entering a room and loudly introducing yourself.
Shy doesn't mean not having basic social skills.
If someone says hello, you say hello back.
If they ask a polite question, you answer.

If you cannot do even this, stay the hell home, be a shut-in, eat soft food and go to hell.

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