Friday, April 30, 2010

A concert memory

Just read Louisiana Belle's Music Quiz blog entry and quite impressed by her roster of a dream musical festival and it jogged a memory for me.

Back in the day (1987), my then boyfriend wanted to see the upcoming David Bowie "Glass Spider Tour" concert stop in New Orleans so I purchased tickets for his birthday and we attended the Superdome performance.

I'm all about a pure music performance without all the distracting trappings of dancers and such so was a little disappointed that wasn't "just David Bowie" but oh well, my dude liked it.

At the end of the concert, the house lights were still off and the entire Dome was dimly lit by upraised cigarette lighters, indicating a desire for an encore. It was quite beautiful from the vantage point of our floor seats. My boyfriend was dazzled. A bit too much.

My jaded ass finally asked, "Have you not ever seen that before?"

"No, never."

"What?! They do it after every concert."



"I've never seen it before."

"Puh-lease! Wait, when is the last time you attended a concert?"

He scrunched his eyebrows together and looked at me with those blue eyes he was so proud of and finally said, "Jimi Hendrix".


(I was six years old when the fabulouso Jimi died.)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Check me out, I'm worldwide!

Rant sister and blogger Jennifer offered her readers a forum to post their own "Things I Want to Punch in the Face" lists and I posited the notion that her generosity allowed others to vent, thus fewer sniper shooting incidents in past weeks.

AND Jennifer posted MY LIST! Check it out HERE.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring in Louisiana

Here, in left-handed side of the boot-shaped Great State of Louisiana, it's green again.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ah so, Grasshopper

Just because I've been quiet doesn't mean I am not hanging around.

Wrapping up 3 different committees and helping friends "in need" has taken me from my "public" and blog responsibilities.

Getting my mojo back,

I am,

Skitzo Leezra

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't judge me

but I saw a clip of Kate Gosselin "perform" something on Dancing With The Stars and if she fucks like she dances, it's easy to understand why artificial insemination was required. Yowza.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Funny Ass Shit: The family tree

Had dinner with some ladies recently when Cheree' regaled us with a recent online genealogy find. She and her husband's researching found a scanned census document from the 1930's. The document indicated name, age and occupation of the town's citizens.


John Brown, 49, farmer

Richard White, 56, shop owner

HER relative?

Russell Black, 28, idiot

Cheree' said she and her husband laughed for hours and said it spoke volumes about the family history. I urged her to delve further into Russell Black's history because my bet is he sired lots and lots of children.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The devil weighs in on pedophiles in Catholic church

Click on LINK to see Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update commentary regarding recent Catholic church controversy in regards to pedophile priests.

--video courtesy of hulu



--pampered princess parties

Right at the front door of most Target stores is the "Dollar Spot" area, their version of a dollar store's cheap immediate gratification crap, y'know, the stuff you toss in a gift basket. The merchandise is usually seasonal throwaway stuff (pre-landfill) so the merchandise is frequently refreshed.
So, in the store the other night when a couple my age entered and I heard the man say to her, "Go do your look". She moseyed over to the Dollar Spot while he wrangled a shopping cart out of the stacked row.
It touched my heart. He understood her. He knew that stuff makes her happy. And he encouraged her to follow her bliss.
How sweet is that?

Friday, April 09, 2010

Do you use a reader?

Had tons of blogs bookmarked and spent waaayyyy too much time clicking on all those headings only to find no new entries . . . until I found a better, faster and easier way to keep up with my ever expanding faves.

I'm using Google Reader and no matter how many days I skip, all my favorite blogs with their latest entries are there waiting for me.

Kinda like TiVo for blogs, Google Reader makes recommendations based on my selections. Love that.

And just like TiVo, initially you'll save time by looking at only your selections but since it is so effortless, you'll spend more time because you've expanded your selections.

~~You're welcome~~

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Random thoughts

Much like Pavlov's dog experiment, I've become conditioned to associate restroom activity with immediate hand washing afterwards but recently I've noticed that when I wash my hands independently, the urge to urinate forces me into the restroom which means another hand washing. Hoping it doesn't morph into an endless cycle.

I can recall some vividly detailed memories when I hear a particular song and understand most folks do the same but get this. I listen to Howard Stern in the morning and Jay Thomas in the afternoon on Sirius satellite radio. Both shows are repeated in the evening and sometimes I tune in to hear missed portions. If I hear the same segment for a second time during the replay, I can recall exactly what I was doing at the first broadcast time. Oh, I was brushing my teeth. That's when I was putting on my shoes. Wonder if anyone else does this?

When recording odometer mileage or a phone number, I am now forced to say the numbers aloud to remember them for short term memory. If I simply read them without the voice back-up, nope, forgot it already.

Thinking parts of my brain are degenerating as quickly as other parts are improving.

Yeah, yeah.

That's it.

What's your name, again?

Monday, April 05, 2010

Funny Ass Shit: My brother's friend Matt

Today's entry continues the series of Funny Ass Shit, a gathering of memories that makes me smile when recalled. Please to enjoy.

My brother Rollo and a few of his high school buds planned an overnight camp out at the beach. Rollo's friend Matt rolled up with his sleeping bag and a few supplies he glommed from his part-time grocery store job, including one giant institutional sized can of ravioli from the dented can discount pile.

Rollo, Matt and the guys sat around the fire, opened some beer and hard liquor and got their drunk on. Later, the group decided they were hungry. Matt grabbed his giant can of ravioli and threw it on the fire. Matt laughed when the can's paper label burned away. One of the smarter guys asked if Matt poked a hole in the top of the can before putting it on the fire.

"No, why would I do that?"

"Matt, you gotta vent the can, you dumb ass! Otherwise, the heat increases the internal pressure and the can will explode."

"Oh, okay, I don't have a can opener, do you?"

"Yeah, I got one. Here, you reach over the fire and poke a hole in it since you threw it on."

The guys drank more and more and later

the can exploded and a shower of searing hot ravioli rained on the now very intoxicated guys.

Some guys were pissed and yelling at Matt and some barely noticed the ravioli in their hair and stuck on their shirts. Matt finally admitted that he hadn't poked the hole in the can because "the can was too hot".

Guys being guys, they got over it and drank more.

The next morning, Rollo woke up to see the grisly aftermath of bloody carnage. Matt was no where in sight. "They killed him," Rollo thought but Matt walked up the camp site a minute later.

"I thought all of that was you," explained Rollo as he pointed to the sandy beach surrounding the camp site. It was littered with coagulated tomato sauce and shredded ravioli fragments, giving the impression of a very violent death and dismemberment.

Good times, good times.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Adding a few favorite blog to my list

My pastor friend sent me a link to a funny blog Stuff Christian Culture Likes, a knock-off of Stuff White People Like (because if there is anything Christian Culture likes, it is hijacking something cool and putting their own lame stamp on it.) The Rev knows my sense of humor to be quite irreverent and he is a card himself so I checked it out. Wouldn't you know it, that day's blog entry (#134) nailed a pet peeve of mine - Worship leaders saying the lines before they are sung.

I've watched black gospel choirs perform at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival where the leader/lead singer calls out the next line to the group and the rhythm of the call and answer worked for a live performance but seems quite ridiculous when white Christian groups record in the same manner. Like I am supposed to believe the white bread folks scheduled and paid for studio time but the group wouldn't know the words to the next line without an audible prompt. It strikes me as me as trying too hard to be cool. They're still white, they're still square and never in a million years will white Christian music ever be as soulful and wonderful as black gospel music but wait, it gets worse, contemporary worship leaders are doing it now. Oy.

Check out the blog for a laugh. Thinking the site could be a useful primer to those marrying into a Christian family or those relocating to a Bible Belt stronghold.

Have a blessed day now, y'hear?

(Thanks to The Rev for the pointer.)
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