Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spied at the Asian buffet restaurant

here in south Louisiana.
Thanks to KriKri for the snap!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chicken Noodle Soup . . . . . . .$76.00

Found this e-mail in my file and KNOW you will enjoy the story.

Written by Chrysanthemum:

I must share this tale of daily goings on at the Chrysanthemum ranch.......

As you know, we have 2 house dogs. Lilly and Ozzie are part Pekingese and part poodle. Ozzie has more poodle in him and it shows in his hair. On Friday, his hair had reached its limit. He looked like a sheep that needed shearing. So I took him to the groomer, Touch of New York Grooming by Perry. Perry shaved him down and we all had a good laugh at naked little Ozzie.

When we got home, I decided that I would need to go get Ozzie a sweater or something since it was sooo cold outside and he loves to go outside. Unfortunately, I could not find a sweater or anything in an XS size, so I went to the baby department where I purchased a lovely velour shirt with a little snowman on the front. Size 0-3 months fits just fine on Ozzie :-)

On Saturday, Ozzie didn't move around much and would shake like he was cold. He didn't want to go outside, play or anything he usually does. I was concerned, so I went on-line and read that I could give him Tylenol for fever and aches and pains. So I did just that and carried him to bed with us and put him on a heating pad. He never moved. Sunday same as Saturday.

On Monday, step-daughter Whitney was sick and I stayed home with her. I was going to take Ozzie to the vet, but he seemed better. He ate some Cheerios and walked around a bit. I gave him some more Tylenol and thought he was on his way to recovery from some type of bug or something.

Tuesday morning,Whitney was still sick and stayed home. She called me around noon and said she was worried about Ozzie. He was really shaking even though she had him wrapped in a heating pad. So we called the vet and made an appointment. We couldn't find anyone to take him.....except for Whitney's mother/Ronald's ex-wife. Lovely. But Whitney was convinced we needed to get Ozzie to the vet soon.

At 3:10, Whitney called me to tell me the results of the vet visit. Ozzie is DEPRESSED. Seems that the sheep shearing incident traumatized him, causing him not to eat or drink and to shake uncontrollably. Turns out I should have been giving him Ronald's Prozac instead of Tylenol.

Now for the cure. A doggy IV, a shot and go home and feed him CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP. And of course, positive reinforcement. "Ozzie, your hair looks so cool!" and "Ozzie, you are one sharp looking dog."

And yes, all that for $76.00.

I told Chrysanthemum that it was her own damn fault for putting the poor dog in a velour snowman sweater. Oh Fuh Gawd!
Ernest concurred.
This from Mallys:
Just in case you run out of $76 affirmations, here's some more for you to try, Chrysanthemum:

"Yo, Ozzie, is yo daddy a terrorist, 'cuz you da bomb!"

"A little fresh cracked pepper for your soup, monsieur?"
"Hey, see that little whippet over there? She is, like, TOTALLY checking you out!"

"Ozzie, with that great new hair cut, it's gonna be sooooo easy for all your friends to smell your butt!"

"That new haircut really slims you down, Ozzie. I've got a call in to Calvin Klein: I think you're just the spokesdog they're looking for for their new underwear campaign: 'Peek-a-Boo? Peek-a-Poo!!'"

Love and warm fuzzies to Ozzie,

(whose vet has, in fact, recommended that she give Princeton The Cat transdermal Prozac. I'm too afraid I'll be rubbing it inside my **OWN** ears and Princeton will still be gnawing like a fiend at his tail. . . .)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just plain ol' stupid

Yeah, her pie hole-to-brain link is defective
but the bigger screw up is Miss California's earrings.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spied at the garage sale

Armless ballerina.
Poor darlin'.

Why I am not on FaceBook

Because I am way too cool.
Face Book is for teenagers and college kids. Older folks posting notes about taking the kids to soccer practice or going to the grocery store = kinda lame.
My blogging about me = endlessly enthralling.
You are catching on now; I like one-way communication.
My sister RikkiTikkiTavi is on Face Book and is friends with MY friends so I get the best of both worlds. She updates me on their crap but I don't have to care about the minutiae of others.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Duh! of the day

Micro cars can give motorists top-notch fuel efficiency at a competitive price, but the insurance industry says they don't fare too well in collisions with larger vehicles.
LINK to full story

Monday, April 13, 2009

T-shirt idea brought to you by SkitzoLeezra

This week was the season premiere of the long awaited "Rescue Me" television series. New guy "Black Shawn" told Lou that he was waiting for love. He then uttered the quote below to which Lou said, "Yeah, that's nice. I can just see that on a sampler."

The next ass I tap,
is the ass
I marry.

Duuude, that's a t-shirt! I would love to know what kind of reaction a guy would get with that emblazoned on his chest.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Stupid crap women do, like me

While in college, I kinda sneered at the girls looking for husbands and wanting their MRS degree. Having no interest in marrying early, I enjoyed being the "cool girl" - the one that could match every beer with the guys, laugh and have a good time. Several years ago, my friends and I were looking at photos and they spied one of me at a sorority/fraternity exchange where the theme was pajama party. Being the wisenheimer, I wore red long johns with the drop seat. It NEVER occurred to me to wear lingerie, sheer and frilly. Slutty wasn't my look. My friends laughed at the photo and I realized those girls knew something I didn't. ~OR perhaps I was rejecting the guys before they could reject me?
So later in my dating years, I heard guys disparage the "needy" girls. Speaking the truth but also thinking it would make a guy comfortable, I would do the whole I-don't-need-a-guy spiel. What I didn't know then but I know now is: every girl suffers from Cinderella syndrome, y'know, where the guy rescues the vulnerable girl? Don't argue with me on this. Think of every chick flick and all those Disney movies. But here is the key part of the puzzle and the part that gets overlooked. GUYS suffer from the hero complex. They want to think they are saving the little lady. Super heroes, comic book characters, the list goes on and on. So I totally sabotaged myself by letting guys know that I didn't need saving. I hear guys say that want an independent woman but not sure if it is the truth. Independent to a point.
Here is the wisdom I hope to impart to you today ~~
everyone wants to be wanted,
everyone needs to be needed.
Learning the lesson way too late,
I am,

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Don't care

Hello All!
Just want you all to rest your mind and not worry about me:
I am not at all bothered that the debts of today will be visited upon your children and grandchildren.

Yep, don't care. Lawmakers of the past didn't care enough about my generation when they were borrowing against our Social Security so really cannot concern myself about Obama's crazy pie-in-the-sky spending and the future repercussions.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Duh! of the day

Women better than men at smelling body odor, study finds

Body odor reveals more than when we last showered. And apparently women are better at catching the scent of body odor than men, a new study found.
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