Saturday, June 23, 2012

Last night

a herd of us went to the Foreigner concert and heard some blasts from the past.  As in, cassette format past.

Feels Like the First Time
Cold As Ice
Double Vision
Dirty White Boy 
Head Games
Waiting for a Girl Like You
I Want to Know What Love Is
Hot Blooded 

Then the guitarist threw out his remaining guitar picks.  Because I have superior Mardi Gras training, I spied a pick on the ground and placed my foot over it until I could bend over to retrieve it.  I offered it to Maura but she didn't want it.  As the crowd filed out, an older gentleman was bent over and looking on the ground nearby.  Enboldened by a couple gin and tonics, I asked "Whatchalookin' for?"

"I was hoping to find a guitar pick," was his answer.

"Here ya go.  It's yours," I say, as I fish the pick out of my pocket.

"Do you have another one?" he asked.

"What the FUCK, dude?  Seriously, you want me to produce another pick out of thin air for you?" was my smart ass reply.

"Um, no, I meant, did you keep one for yourself?  Because I didn't want to take it if it was your only one," he responded.

Feeling like a super bad person, I mumble, "Oh.  Sorry.  No, you can have it."

In the life of Skitzo Leezra, even nice comes with a tinge of bitch.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dating observations

Wrote a post called "Another One Bites The Dust" and received supportive comments from Teresa Evangeline, Giddy99 and Louisiana Belle.
Teresa Evangeline said she "took herself out of the dating pool and someone would have to be dropped in her lap or left on her doorstep to make anything even possibly happen."
Well, I said the same exact thing for the last 11 years and absolutely nothing happened.  Read it again, nothing.  Nooooooooothing.  Are we clear? 
And I realized another 11 years would pass unless I became a little more vulnerable, a bit more approachable, a lot less isolated.

It's been an experience, these past few months.  
Thank God I don't daddy issues.  Three, count 'em, three guys were in hot pursuit only to disappear off the face of the earth. 
Chrysanthemum's cyber boyfriend reminds her all men are pigs.  And she and I supposed their only time spent out of the sty was when they pretended to be charming.  But enough of the men bashing.  Believe it or not, my cyber contacts have given me new faith in the other gender.  Plenty of 'em out there looking for real relationships.

I am weary.  Gonna take a hiatus from the dating and blog more.

Come back now, y'hear?

Monday, June 11, 2012

A funny

So I found my mom a super high-end ($$$)  kitchen sink faucet but she had a problem with it last week.  Being the super smart broad that she is, she used her Iphone to video the operation or lack thereof.
I then forwarded the video, via text, to the faucet rep with a note "my mom sent me this video last night.  Take a look at it and tell me what you think".  
Before I could put down the cell phone, he returned the message, "That's not the same video your mom sent me last night."

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Another one bites the dust

Okay, a tale from my online dating adventures --

Flirted and texted with a guy for a couple weeks.  We met at a local bar where he arrived first and graciously ordered glasses of chardonnay.  Though a fan of red wine, I was impressed by his take-charge attitude and happy to try something new.  The wine was good and as was the conversation.  We found we grew up in the same area.  We shared a couple online dating stories and past relationship history.  Two hours later, we remarked how much fun we had.  A quick kiss and goodnight.  His upcoming weekend was scheduled time with his teenaged daughters.  A few more days of fun flirting via text and then the following weekend is upon us. 

What are your weekend plans, he asked.  
A trip to Destin, Florida to celebrate Chrysanthemum's birthday with friends.  
When are you leaving?  
This afternoon I will drive to Houston to catch a plane.
He said he would love to see just for a minute so he could kiss me goodbye.
Sounds good, he asks me to meet him at 5:00 in the parking lot of a business near both of our workplaces.
5:01 I arrive to the parking lot.  No other cars.
5:05 I sent a "where are you?" text.
5:15 No response.  I leave.
Two hour drive to Houston and delayed flight.  No text, no call.  

Imagining phone issues, getting hung up at work, wanting to know what the hell is going on . . . all the stupid crazy shit that women do . . .I finally send this text a couple days later.

"Hello Rufus.  It's Skitzo.  Are we not talking?  I understand if you couldn't get away Friday but I don't understand the lack of communication.  What am I missing?"

Two days later, he responds with a text.

"Too much to type . . . will have to explain through conversation . . ."

Ok, I send back.  Just making sure you were receiving my texts.
NEVER heard from him again.  That was a month and a half ago.

Mind you, better for him to flake early and reveal himself but it is just so curious . . . .

What, dear reader, do YOU suppose happened?

Friday, June 08, 2012

Coming out of my cave

Is there anyone still out there?
Did I stay in my cave too long?
Other demands and commitments have prevented the Skitzo Leezra blog spew but hopefully I've remembered a few things. 

Wanna hear another online dating story?

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