Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Family portrait in white

So SICK of seeing these unoriginal, much copied and stoopid family portraits! Everyone is dressed in white with a soft focus. Usually taken at the beach.

Everyone thinks their photo is so unique but they look like all the rest.
And I understand why the trend is popular. It is because most family portraits are posed and stiff or most folks look good except for the ass clown wearing a sports jersey or t-shirt.
White neutralizes your lack of taste.

But it has been done to death and it is time for it to stop. Wanna an original family portrait? Dress in Goth and pose at the beach. Take your sand pails to the cemetery. Go to the Nascar race in your Sunday best. Dress your kids like a hungover Lindsay Lohan, holding a jail sign under their chin.

And while we are at it, stop it with the kids in the washtubs. Stoopid. I blame Ann Geddes. Oh, how I hate cutesy.


turdpolisher said...

sweet. i second the motion.

Jane said...

I think the kid-in-a-bowl is just shy of porn. Why do my friends want me to see their naked kids taking a bath? What if one of the friends on the x-mas card list is doing his best to "avoid the bad urges" and THAT comes in the mail???

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