Friday, October 10, 2008

Just stuff

What's up with women dating younger men? No, no I have no problem with it but why does every single chick feel compelled to tell me how much younger her man is IN HER FIRST THREE MINUTES of talking? Could be that I have spoken to a chick that never acknowledged the youth of her main squeeze . Dudes are so much more subtle if their honey is young, usually they are much happier to brag about the hotness factor.

Have you watched "Breaking Bad" on AMC? My friend Elizabeth recommended it so after resisting for 9 months or so I finally checked it out and must say it is pretty compelling weirdness. AND "Pushing Daisies" is back.

Whoa, just checked my profile and it has over 600 hits. Dang!

Is it weird that an ex-boyfriend sent me a link to his photography site and it included nudes? Male and female nudes? NAKED nudes?


turdpolisher said...

that's just wrong. now where's the link?

SkitzoLeezra said...

Sorry, I deleted it already. Oy!

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