Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pedicures for the recession

Here are a few tips for stretching your pedicure budget:
  • get the full pedicure and in two weeks, return to your friendly nail salon for a polish change. Salon tech removes old polish and your toes get a new color! Polish change usually runs $7 to $10. This tip is courtesy of my friend Elizabeth.
  • several days after a new polish change or pedicure, add a fresh layer of clear topcoat to prolong color protection. Clear shiny finish makes a dull toe look new!
  • here is my super lazy girl home pedicure tip: polish your toes before a shower, paying no special attention to precision or neatness. After shower, use a wet washcloth to remove dried polish from skin around toenails. Follow with clear coat.
  • manicures and pedicures can usually be improved with a quick application of moisturizer or cuticle oil

Wishing you happy toes and shiny toes,

I am,


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