Thursday, July 19, 2007

Please add these words to your vocabulary

Palcohol - your buddy when one or both of you are drinking or drunk but not a person you would like while sober.

Prostitot - a young girl dressed like a junior whore (see: Bratz dolls) whose ensemble usually includes, but not limited to, leopard prints, "Juicy" or other quasi-sexual messages printed on buttocks, red satin, t-shirts printed with "Daddy's Little Girl". Pretty much describes every girl photographed at Glamour Shots.

Bastard factory - unwed mother of two children or more, all with different fathers.

Mastubatory - description of an act giving pleasure to only the performer. Though originally used as a sexual term, can also be used to describe amateur guitar solos, spoken word performers and serious karaoke freaks.


Anonymous said...

Please add "ear-fucked". -jftb

SkitzoLeezra said...


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