Friday, July 20, 2007

Ready to retire NOW

Today, this old fuck at the gym told me "enjoy my working years 'cause you sure will miss them when I retired".
ARE YOU eFF'in KIDDING ME, aging exerciser?
I have worked since I was 10 years old! My dear dad refused to allow brother Rollo and I to loll the summers away. We were expected to find odd jobs, weeding flowerbeds, painting fences. Later it was babysitting for me. When I turned 15 and able to drive (this is Louisiana, folks), Dad told me to get a job or he would find one. I figured babysitting would suffice ,um, nope. Next thing I knew I was told to report to McDonald's because Dad's buddy, the McD franchise owner, gave me a job. Never mind that I didn't WANT to work at McD's. Ugh! So I lasted a month or two before I called in sick and was caught. Dad was disgusted with me. Whatever.
I'll bore you with the next 2 summers another time.
How much longer do I have to work before I retire??? Just my luck, I won't make it.
Wish I had the presence of mind to tell the gym old codger that if he missed working, that his life plan was defective. Dumb ass. He probably just missed boring co-workers with his mouth.
My aunt just retired and I told her that if I caught her complaining about it that I would kick her in the hip.

Wanting to be a stay-at-home mom and wife,
without the children and husband,
I am,


theUNteacher said...

I knew we were kindred spirits!

SkitzoLeezra said...


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