Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cryin' at church

Last Sunday's worship service was led by graduating high school seniors. They performed music, presented a PowerPoint photo montage, gave the sermon, shared Communion, the whole schmear. And I blubbered the whole time. Dunno why the sentimentality hit me so much. The new fresh beginning of their lives? The end of a familiar stage? Growing up? New horizons? Life passing so quickly?
I attempted to stop the sniffling and tears and whispered to my friend, in shame, "You would think those were my kids." Instead of jolting me out of my sniffles with a much needed smartass remark, she added to it by saying, "But they are your kids."
And she is right. Those smart, mature and accomplished students are the source of pride for the whole church. I am proud to know them. Proud of their feats because I wasn't one of those kids when I was their age. I didn't have perfect grades, didn't give back to the community, didn't go on mission trips and didn't have the confidence of faith. But glad to that I know some that do.

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