Thursday, July 17, 2008 scares the crap outta me

Last year I had a experience of pain occurring behind my eye. After a couple days, I logged onto for possible reasons. Multiple sclerosis pops up. What the ? Freaked out, I read on to see the percentages of folks confined to wheelchairs, etc. Next to tears, I call my mom who promptly told me that I probably did NOT have multiple sclerosis but an eye exam was probably a good idea. Eyes checked out, made doctor appointment and figured out I had a sinus infection. No more thoughts of MS.
This week, my right arm has been tingling. Wanting to rule out a possible heart attack, I log onto WebMD. Son of a bitch if multiple sclerosis did not pop again! And I am on A NEW COMPUTER, not the same as last year!
Here are other symptoms of MS:
Tingling - yes
Numbness - maybe?
Loss of balance - every once in a while
Weakness in one or more limbs - sometimes
Blurred or double vision - yikes
Slurred speech - sometimes I get a temporary lisp when I am NOT DRINKING
Sudden onset of paralysis - no, whew!
Lack of coordination - yeeesss
Cognitive difficulties - aw HELL yes
Muscle spasms - don't think so
Sensitivity to heat - YES
Fatigue - all the damn time
Changes in thinking or perception - yes
Sexual disturbances - um, please define.
Multiple sclerosis symptoms generally appear between the ages of 20 and 40 - not sure about this one, I think of myself in the age range but . . .
NOTE: The onset of MS may be dramatic or so mild that a person doesn't even notice any symptoms until far later in the course of the disease.

I texted my three best buds with the news that I may have MS. Kay tells me that everybody thinks they have that at some point and I am just stressed. Her sister says I probably have a pinched nerve in my neck and sure enough, my neck IS a little sore. Dawn tells me not to fret because WebMD has diagnosed her with lupus, cancer, meningitis - all in the last year. And Lynn takes my phone call and asks if SHE CAN CALL ME BACK! It might be too late, I told her. She laughed (at me?) and hung up. She called later and said that WedMD regularly scares the crap out of her hypochondriac husband but she is always tickled by the pop-up ads and products that relate to your new disease. She asked if I would need adult diapers. She's a good friend, huh? But I am such a lover of bargains, I would price those against those doggie weewee pads and pick the better price.
WebMD is missing one dimension of scaring the crap outta ya. They should have a pop-up clock or calendar marking your estimated days left.

Hoping you and yours does not have multiple sclerosis but here is more information:
. This is the most common symptom of MS. It is typically present in the mid afternoon and may consist of increased muscle weakness, mental fatigue, sleepiness, or drowsiness.
Heat sensitivity . Heat sensitivity (the appearance or worsening of symptoms when exposed to heat, like a hot shower) occurs in most people with MS.
Spasticity . Muscle spasms are a common and often debilitating symptom of MS. Spasticity usually affects the muscles of the legs and arms, and may interfere with a persons ability to move those muscles freely.
Dizziness. Many people with MS complain of feeling "off balance" or lightheaded. Occasionally they may experience the feeling that they or their surroundings are spinning; this is called vertigo. These symptoms are caused by damage in the complex nerve pathways that coordinate vision and other inputs into the brain that are needed to maintain balance.
Impaired thinking . Problems with thinking occur in about half of people with MS. For most, this means slowed thinking, decreased concentration, or decreased memory. Approximately 10% of people with the disease have severe impairment that significantly impairs their ability to carry out tasks of daily living.
Vision problems . Vision problems are relatively common in people with MS. In fact, one vision problem, optic neuritis, occurs in 55% of people with the condition. Most vision problems do not lead to blindness.
Abnormal sensations. Many people with MS experience abnormal sensations such as "pins and needles," numbness, itching, burning, stabbing, or tearing pains. Fortunately, most of these symptoms, while aggravating, are not life-threatening or debilitating and can be managed or treated.
Speech and swallowing problems . People with MS often have swallowing difficulties. In many cases, they are associated with speech problems as well. They are caused by damaged nerves that normally aid in performing these tasks.
Tremors . Fairly common in people with MS, tremors can be debilitating and difficult to treat.
Difficulty walking. Gait disturbances are amongst the most common symptoms of MS. Mostly this problem is related to muscle weakness and/or spasticity, but having balance problems or numbness in your feet can also make walking difficult.

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Anonymous said...

Didja have anal seepage, cuz that's a sure sign right there. What kind of tinkling didja have? Was it the kind y'all git when y'all gots ta pee? Oopsy, I jest read yer list agin, that shoulda bin tingling. What kind of tinglin didja have? Was it the kind wear yer right leg just starts to shake uncontrollably and then yer whole body goes numb and y'all can't breathe proper but y'all call on Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior an then when y'all do start to breathin agin, y'all notice yer heart's poundin like at a hunerd mile a hour an y'all really can't move at all, not event if y'all wanted to an ifn y'all try to git up, y'all can't, cuz y'all got no cents of balance, or even cents, cuz who in their right mind would wanna git up when they's a feelin like that an then everythin starts to come back inta focus an those distant voices are gittin clsoer and clsoer an y'all realeyes that ifn jest this one sclerosis kin make y'all feel this good, havin multiple scleroisis must be like bean in Heaven.
--Kevin from Calgary

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