Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Self abuse

Every morning when I look into the mirror, I see what self abuse can do a person. But while in the warm shower, the urge takes over and regardless of the consequences and subsequent shame, I cannot help myself. I am probably adding years to my appearance but the vigorous rubbing must happen. It just feels so good to rub and massage my eyes under warm water of the showerhead.

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Anonymous said...

I awoke form a fitfull sleep. Slowly, feeling guilty and embarassed, my hand, hesitatingly at first, headed towards my groin. Though I knew it to be wrong, I had to pleasure myself, as I did yesterday, even if it meant being admonished by Mother Superior because I had soiled the sheets. So I did. It was long and hard, but it felt so good to caress. Only this time around, I used a lighter and slower touch. The feelings were intensely wonderful. Eventually, fluid started to appear and I knew it was time to stop, because it meant that I had broken through the crusty layer of the scab on the incision where my appendix once was. Sometimes, when you have an itch, it cannot be ignored.--Kevin from Calgary

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