Friday, January 23, 2009

Makes me wish I could skate

Actually, I skate just fine. It is the stopping part that hurts.

How hilarious is this? Instead of running bulls thru the streets, an organizer gets Roller Girls to roll thru New Orleans' French Quarter and pummel the male runners.

The idea was to outfit these tougher-than-tough broads on skates, er -- ladies -- with cattle horns, Whiffle Ball bats and swimming pool noodles, and unloose them onto thrillseekers who would run from them. When Hanning inquired of the Rollergirls' availability last year, event coordinator Tracey Bellina, who skates under the pseudonym of "Archbishop Pummel," told him: "Sure, I've got a bunch of bad-ass chicks on wheels who probably wouldn't mind beating up on a bunch of guys."

If you ever saw me smack the butts of Mardi Gras revelers with a plastic flyswatter, you KNOW I would be fabulous at whacking guys with whiffle ball bats. Maybe too fabulous.

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