Monday, January 26, 2009

The shoe game

Back in the day, when I did more people watching and spent more time in bars, I played the shoe game, in which I would guess a man's* occupation or vocation based on his shoes. And I was pretty good at my deductions. Athletic shoes are an automatic toss out. No guess on those. (Guys that wear trainers to a bar are not guys that get my attention.)

Give me some loafers, wingtips, moccasins, boots, monk straps, bluchers, oxfords, deck shoes and let's play.

Weird ass shoes? I'd call the guy over and have a conversation to find out what's up with his footwear choice. And either release him back into the wild or give him fashion advice.

So one night at Rock 'n' Roll, with several Abita beers in me, I played the game at such a heightened state that I didn't need to look above the knee for more clues. My friends were amused and entertained and finally got the nerve to ask one such male for confirmation. Laced up nice leather shoes in neutral tan, nicely maintained, probably resoled once or twice - he's an academic.

CORRECT! A department head, in fact, at Tulane.

The reason I explain the game to you is because today I saw this article "Do Shoes Make The Man?" and had to laugh at the last sentence.

"A man who picks you up wearing ratty footwear isn't interested in showing you his best or the respect you deserve." Next!

*This game cannot be played on women's choices of shoes because females have too many personalities.

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