Monday, May 10, 2010

You get what you . . nah

For a crowd of 40, I asked 8 women to bring a dessert and even stressed that homemade contains love whereas store bought does not.
What did we have on the dessert table?
  • One plastic container of packaged cookies with fake M&M candies, cute but not tasty. Think cardboard. Perhaps 1 cookie gone.
  • One store manufactured red velvet cake - one slice removed.
  • Another mass market cake - untouched.
  • Sara Lee pound cake sliced horizontally with canned icing in between layers and elsewhere. Two or three slices partaken.
  • Fresh fruit tray - well appreciated.
  • A giant vat of banana pudding - perhaps from a caterer. Pretty yummy.
  • 2 homemade key lime pies with fresh strawberries on top - one pie gone.
  • Warm-from-the-oven sopapilla cheesecake with aromatic cinnamon topping - devoured and decimated.

So, here's the question:
If someone brings crappy tasteless store bought crap, should they partake of the yummy homemade stuff?
Because, on one hand, you get what you give.
But on the other, maybe if you taste the good stuff, maybe you'll be ashamed to bring that tasteless junk next time.

Yes, the sopapilla cheesecake was made by moi.


"Seattle" Heather said...

Perhaps those who bring the crap food, do not know how to cook? Or deserts are not their speciality...I'm just saying you can't make your guests wear name tags that say, "I brought the crap dish" and then slap their hands when they try to go for the homemade stuff...then again...maybe you can and it could turn into an at home UFC fight...

Louisiana Belle said...

I think the untouched deserts should be embarrassment enough. Know that karma will turn every bite of the yummy homemade stuff into more cottage cheese on their thighs. Although, if these ladies truly don't know how to make a good dessert, then karma can't come into play. That's the rules.

SkitzoLeezra said...

It's one thing to not specialize in the making of desserts. It's another to not opt for the easy but much appreciated Blue Bell ice cream and Brownie Bites instead of store bought cake.
Like your karmic rules, LB!

Kittie Howard said...

I saw a lot of this when we were in the military and finally decided that either the women changed as they went to more functions or they were lazy/permanently rude and wanted a tasty ride from others. I had a roommate once who'd devour my homemade cookies but wouldn't contribute. My mom got fed-up and baked a batch of chocolate chips with Ex-lax. The gal brought cookies to share. And, yes, Leezra, I do believe God worked thru you!!! And this is good. I finally chose Plaquemines because I thought they might get another donation, ie, the oil slick news, etc. THANK YOU, Leezra for being the wonderful person, the treasure, you are!!!

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