Thursday, May 06, 2010

Things that chap my ass: Oil spills

That oil spill off the coast of Louisiana is working my last nerve. I can understand why the folks in Florida and California don't want off shore oil rigs located near their picturesque coasts but we already have them so might as well generate some state revenue, right? That dang explosion is gonna drive up gas prices, ruin the delicate ecological balance of several, if not many, state's coasts and stifle future drilling. It's no good, I tell ya!
Read a news note yesterday that
hair is a good oil picker upper for spills. Know what else might work? Silk flowers! Those nasty fake and dust catching stems, gross! Please send those to the clean up workers.
Hmmmm, what else? Junk mail, maybe?
That tired and outdated carpet in my master bedroom; I bet it could soak up an assload of oil. Gonna rip that up, throw it in my truck, drive to the beach and toss it on the sand. There, I helped.

~~You're welcome.

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Kittie Howard said...

My hair's been on fire for some days, even more so tonite 'cause I'm learned that the East Coast conservatives have learned that slick might work its way up here and ruin Their precious beaches...just got thru talking to an ultra conserv gal who's in a state of panic, now thinks all off shore drilling should be banned, more wind mills, more hybrid cars...well, dang, Myrtle, pass the smelling salts!

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