Thursday, June 03, 2010

Louisiana, defined

Yesterday, my radio boyfriend Jay Thomas described the current events about the British Petroleum oil leak, the multitudes of lawyers soliciting along the Gulf Coast and payout deals being made here in Louisiana to fishermen and other related tradespeople by BP for lost but anticipated income. The problem is, more than a few of those folks were under reporting their income to IRS but over-estimating missed income to BP and will now be hit with higher income taxes on the compensation and perhaps an unwelcome audit.
To sum it up, Jay said, "Louisiana, it's just like Appalachia . . . but with crawfish."

Louisiana artwork by Stan Routh


Michelle said...

What a great quote...and explains a lot of the stories my grandmother told me about her childhood in Louisiana!

Kittie Howard said...

There isn't a Louisianian in the world who didn't know this would happen...ahhhh, Louisiana!

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