Saturday, June 11, 2011

Repressed thoughts

No, I didn't watch a minute of Okrah's departure and if you did, is your pathetic life is sad that you couldn't find the remote control?

Am I the only one who cannot wait for some serious dirt on her? And while we're at it, here's hoping squeaky clean Will Smith and Jay Leno are soon revealed with disturbing indiscretions. I am so not buying their milquetoast personaes.

I didn't seriously dislike Okrah until the "Hermes incident". If you don't remember, click the link above. Okrah pulled a celebrity hissy fit after being turned away from the closed Parisian luxury goods store.

As a former retail dog and a current salesperson, Okrah's arrogance pissed me off. She pulled the race card but I just chalk it up as general assholery. When Okrah demanded service after store hours, she basically said her time was more important than the employees who worked a full day and on their way home. It is the height of hubris and arrogance. Pull that shit in a restaurant just minutes from closing and then wonder why your food doesn't taste quite right.

As you may recall, I sell plumbing faucets and fixtures. I gotta tell ya, when a customer comes in and proudly tells me they want oil rubbed bronze faucets, it takes everything I have not to roll my eyes. Ugh, so OVER brown faucets. It has been done to death and it's so very fake. Mark my words, oil rubbed bronze is the antique brass of yesterday.

Nasty and nasty.

So enjoying the drought. You should see my tan!


Kimberly said...

I was in NOLA this weekend...we could have had a Hand Grenade together & caused mass chaos among the other drunks!

Gail Dixon said...

Haha, I love your little rants. Well, I didn't waste a minute on Okrah, so I guess my life is not so pathetic. But I DO loved oil rubbed bronze fixtures. Sorry. I'm sure one day I'll grow to hate it as much as I now hate brass. :)

SkitzoLeezra said...

Hey ya Kim - those hand grenades are truth makers and not a great thing.
Hi Gail -
I guarantee you'll dislike oil rubbed bronze eventually.
Glad you both checked me out again, it's been awhile.
Travel over to my craft site to see what I've been doing.

Penny said...

I'm so glad that I caught up on reading your blog so that I know not to ask for anything in oil rubbed bronze when I start the house building! I don't want to get the eye rolling...

SkitzoLeezra said...

Penny, I am a professional. Eye rolling occurs after the sale. :-)

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