Thursday, August 09, 2012

Lessons from a bachelor

Remembered an observation from Bachelor #23.
When I go on the meet-and-greet dates from online contacts, I ask all the uncomfortable questions.  Get it out there and let's see how it goes. Mind you, I know I am getting a one-sided story. 

Anywho, I asked Bachelor #23 why he thought his marriage failed and what he wanted out of future relationships. 
"Appreciation," he revealed.

Tell me more, I urge.
Bachelor #23 said he gave and gave but his best and consistent care wasn't appreciated and eventually not even acknowledged by his ex-wife. While he elaborated, my mind wandered to past relationships and I understood exactly what he meant.

It's nice to be appreciated.  It feels good.

My wish for you today:
I am hoping you are being appreciated and aware enough to know your blessings.

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Lorna said...

Men want to be appreciated, admired, and adored.


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