Thursday, March 26, 2009

I scared this guy

And it made me laugh.
Two years ago, I visited my friends Ernest & Eileen in Manhattan. On a Sunday night it rained miserably and we were glad to have reservations for an improv show and pass all the idiots waiting outside the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater. Our pride bit us in the ass when we realized that we were the LAST three folks in and were told to "stand anywhere in the back". Luckily we found 3 empty seats on three different rows.
The improvisational show was presented by accomplished writers, actors and such but the monologue chick su-ucked. Jack McBrayer (Kenneth, the NBC page of 30 Rock) was the guest actor. When they asked for a suggestion, I did the 1/2 second pause and yelled out "bedwetters!". It was apparently quite loud. Jack turned and looked kinda alarmed. Ernest and Eileen were then relieved that our seats weren't near each other.
The pile-of-5-empty-beer-cans guy next to me said, "good one."
Pride restored.

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