Sunday, June 28, 2009


Y'know, I have pity for stars that grow up in front of cameras. You name the young pop star and so many of their stories end badly. I wrote of Lindsay Lohan and wondered how ANYone could be "normal" when your every move is recorded, when you have scads of cash and everyone says yes.

And when I think of Michael Jackson this week, I am reminded that my favorite stories and movies contain enigmatic characters that aren't good guys nor bad guys just a conflicted guy. Those stories and characters are my favorite because they make you think, where the character is not spelled out and dumbed down for simplicity.

You can't think of Michael without including the sordid and the sad. And you cannot deny his place in popular music and his role as a uniter across musical and racial lines. Michael was a conflicted soul. God rest his soul.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Lindsay Lohan... you know your career is in the crap catcher when you have Jay Thomas as a co-star.

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