Friday, January 01, 2010

Fixer upper

When people first meet me, they find it unbelievable unusual that I am not married or otherwise attached. Interestingly, my oldest friends either accept my single status or know I am better on my own.
Anywho, while hanging out with some new friends, several married chicks quizzed me on my partner checklist. When this line of questioning begins, usually it is a method of determining if someone is "too picky", whatever that means. I don't consider myself "too picky" but my threshold for drama or bullshit is super low because solitary life isn't a negative for me. My standard line is I prefer men who are old, sick and rich.
Okay, back to story. Instead of list of wants, I gave the girls my short list of "deal breaker" characteristics. No addictions, no tobacco, no young kids.
One girl piped up, "But you want a Christian, a man that shares your faith!" I agreed with her but it wasn't quite true. A man of faith is a plus but what if it wasn't quite my particular ilk? A guy of no faith or a different faith would be easier than a guy that wanted to differ my beliefs. I feel that I am tolerant of other's religious beliefs but must admit I am not open minded enough to change mine for someone else.
And maybe the above illustrates a problem. Maybe I conjure clashes when there is none. Maybe I have become so comfortable in my habits and routine that even the thought of sharing faith seems foreign.
Heck, at this point, sharing a remote control is unfathomable to me.


Louisiana Belle said...

You are SO SMART to not want a man with small children. I would say "no children at all" is best because even grown or older children can cause problems and/or be a drain financially.

The last line made me LOL. The sharing thing can be especially difficult, and if he's a sports nut (like mine) then little chance of you getting a turn with the remote unless you're also a sports nut.

I'm a Catholic at heart and my husband is Baptist. After years of going to Baptist churches I quit and now we don't go at all. Maybe not the best solution, but we're still spiritual and still respect each other.

Good luck!

SkitzoLeezra said...
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SkitzoLeezra said...

Honestly, NO kids is the truth but I was addressing "breeders" so couldn't be too strong with my no brat stance. Adults children are great if they are estranged. :-)
Sharing a remote would be impossible because I am a TiVo FREAK and changing channels interferes with my recordings.
There's not a whole lot of middle ground with Baptist and Catholic beliefs. Ever considered Episcopalian as a compromise?

Louisiana Belle said...

Haha, yes we tried Episcopalian but hubby wasn't comfortable there, either. I think we've tried all but Methodist and Unitarian. Oh, well. Something will work out. :)

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