Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Not cool

Y'know how there are some things that aren't cool but it seems that not everyone knows they aren't cool? Mind you, the older you get, the more out of touch of cool you get plus you tend to not care.
Example:your mom might like Michael Bolton but god forbid she reveals her enjoyment of the mullet headed lame ass balladeer. Hey, I know he longer has the mullet but it left a douche stain on him that no hair cut could ever cure.

Same thing for Celine Dion. She might have some pipes but she's most uncool.

Wearing chip clips in your hair? What The Hell? So many hair accessories on the WalMart aisle and that's your choice?
Seasonal themed sweaters and sweatshirts*, check. Gross.

I admit to wearing a Bluetooth earpiece while driving at unlawful speeds, while listening to music loud enough to drown out the audible ring of my cellphone but you won't catch me wearing that earpiece out of my vehicle. Not cool.
Which brings me to Jay Leno. He never was cool but is now super uncool to the point of douchedom.

Some hipsters adopt these uncool icons to be ironic so don't be confused when your nephew tells that he likes Celine too. Really. He's goofin' on ya. You're welcome.

What is your uncool benchmark?

*Oh my gosh, in searching for an ugly seasonal sweater, I just clicked on the saddest site ever. Clothing altered to fit non-ambulatory folks so they can "still look how they would like to feel (good)". That's right, pre-owned clothing with back closures of Velcro or snaps. Kinda kills my cool segment mojo.
Dude, my buzz is gone and I'm feeling bummed.


Louisiana Belle said...

I'm with you on Michael, Celine and obnoxious ear pieces.

Confession: guilty of the hair clip. I'm trying to grow my hair out and to give it some lift, I pull my hair up in the morning before work and take it out before lunch. Voila! I have nice, poofy hair. Yeah, still uncool, but no one around here cares. Least of all, me. Please don't judge me. ;p

f1trey said...

right on all counts!

SkitzoLeezra said...

Okay, La Belle, I won't goof on ya as long as you confirm that chip clip is tortoiseshell tone or a natural color. No white or neon, 'kay?

toni said...

Yuppie in front of me at Starbucks on bluetooth earpiece trying to order a complicated drink and talk at the same time and then getting pissed off that they had run out of soy milk. I hope his Toyota Camry's accelerator sticks and he runs into his boyfriends leased BMW.


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