Friday, April 30, 2010

A concert memory

Just read Louisiana Belle's Music Quiz blog entry and quite impressed by her roster of a dream musical festival and it jogged a memory for me.

Back in the day (1987), my then boyfriend wanted to see the upcoming David Bowie "Glass Spider Tour" concert stop in New Orleans so I purchased tickets for his birthday and we attended the Superdome performance.

I'm all about a pure music performance without all the distracting trappings of dancers and such so was a little disappointed that wasn't "just David Bowie" but oh well, my dude liked it.

At the end of the concert, the house lights were still off and the entire Dome was dimly lit by upraised cigarette lighters, indicating a desire for an encore. It was quite beautiful from the vantage point of our floor seats. My boyfriend was dazzled. A bit too much.

My jaded ass finally asked, "Have you not ever seen that before?"

"No, never."

"What?! They do it after every concert."



"I've never seen it before."

"Puh-lease! Wait, when is the last time you attended a concert?"

He scrunched his eyebrows together and looked at me with those blue eyes he was so proud of and finally said, "Jimi Hendrix".


(I was six years old when the fabulouso Jimi died.)


Kittie Howard said...

While reading your post, I felt myself smile, that smile of going back in time and remembering it, well, with a smile. Thanks, Leezra!

Louisiana Belle said...

I'm assuming you were dating an older dude and didn't realize? I was 9 when Hendrix died so I didn't appreciate him until much later. I have an older friend and she actually saw him in concert and was all "meh". I was like YOU SAW JIMI HENDRIX?! She said a date had taken her and she didn't know who Hendrix was and she felt really out of place with her cardigan sweater. :)

Saw Bowie in 1978 and it was awesome. I was dazzled by the show. The worst concert I ever saw was Aerosmith. Totally overrated.

SkitzoLeezra said...

Kittie - you are one cool chick.

LaBelle - on a related bit, my friend heard Janis Joplin sing in a tiny southeast Texas backwoods juke joint before she went to Cali and was just blown away but the drunken crowd just wasn't feelin' it. She told her friends that Janis would be famous one day and they laughed and said no way.

Aerosmith? Yep, I had the unfortunate timing to see them when they decided to get sober, thus, no beer sold at the concert. Nuthin' like a reformed alcoholic ruining it for the rest of us.

Kittie Howard said...

Hey, Leezra, have a favor. I'm a bit WOW cause I didn't think I'd get into this zone...just picked up my 98th Follower. I'm blown away! IF I make it to 100, I want to celebrate and what better way than with a donation to an animal shelter?? Remember, I was going to give out a couple of gift cards earlier?? Well, if I readh 100, I want to increase the amount as a Thank You to Everyone. And since you came up with the shelter idea, I thought a great way of deciding which shelter was one in the area of the idea originator. Sooooo, could you drop me a comment with the name/address of the SPCA nearest you that you think is most deserving???? Pleeeze! And if you go to Glen's Blog Spot, my 98th, I think you'll find a kindred music soul. He's a dj in fla. Thanks, Leezra!

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