Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Random thoughts

Much like Pavlov's dog experiment, I've become conditioned to associate restroom activity with immediate hand washing afterwards but recently I've noticed that when I wash my hands independently, the urge to urinate forces me into the restroom which means another hand washing. Hoping it doesn't morph into an endless cycle.

I can recall some vividly detailed memories when I hear a particular song and understand most folks do the same but get this. I listen to Howard Stern in the morning and Jay Thomas in the afternoon on Sirius satellite radio. Both shows are repeated in the evening and sometimes I tune in to hear missed portions. If I hear the same segment for a second time during the replay, I can recall exactly what I was doing at the first broadcast time. Oh, I was brushing my teeth. That's when I was putting on my shoes. Wonder if anyone else does this?

When recording odometer mileage or a phone number, I am now forced to say the numbers aloud to remember them for short term memory. If I simply read them without the voice back-up, nope, forgot it already.

Thinking parts of my brain are degenerating as quickly as other parts are improving.

Yeah, yeah.

That's it.

What's your name, again?

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Kittie Howard said...

I agree, that's it!

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