Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dating observations

Wrote a post called "Another One Bites The Dust" and received supportive comments from Teresa Evangeline, Giddy99 and Louisiana Belle.
Teresa Evangeline said she "took herself out of the dating pool and someone would have to be dropped in her lap or left on her doorstep to make anything even possibly happen."
Well, I said the same exact thing for the last 11 years and absolutely nothing happened.  Read it again, nothing.  Nooooooooothing.  Are we clear? 
And I realized another 11 years would pass unless I became a little more vulnerable, a bit more approachable, a lot less isolated.

It's been an experience, these past few months.  
Thank God I don't daddy issues.  Three, count 'em, three guys were in hot pursuit only to disappear off the face of the earth. 
Chrysanthemum's cyber boyfriend reminds her all men are pigs.  And she and I supposed their only time spent out of the sty was when they pretended to be charming.  But enough of the men bashing.  Believe it or not, my cyber contacts have given me new faith in the other gender.  Plenty of 'em out there looking for real relationships.

I am weary.  Gonna take a hiatus from the dating and blog more.

Come back now, y'hear?


Teresa Evangeline said...

More vulnerable, more approachable, and a lot less isolated are all things I suppose I should be working on. My problem is, will it be worth it, even when 'the right one' comes along? I think I'm getting used to and kinda like absolutely no emotional b.s. from me or anyone else. Maybe blogging is more emotionally satisfying anyway... :)

I think maybe they show up when we least expect it. When he does, I hope he brings some mad gardening skills with him.

and who's the nazi who came up with this new word verification?

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Hang in there! Be open and look past the outward, physical appearance because sometimes you can find one that may not be Johnny Depp gorgeous, but is a decent man on the inside. I speak from experience and it took me a while to learn that. Not that you haven't already realized this, but just my 2 cents. Take care.

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