Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Glen Campbell concert review

God bless Glen. He played every hit the audience wanted to hear and even took a drunken song request from one of the local yahoos plus some Beach Boy stuff in tribute of touring with them. He looked good, not young but definitely good for 69 years old. His voice was EXACTLY what you hear on the radio. I was impressed.

So, get this. Not only did we have super duper VIP tickets and did we sit second row center, but we MET the dude! Yep. Friend Maura interviewed him earlier in the week for the local newspaper so she reminded him, he said he remembered her, blah, blah. We took a photo and she then asked if he heard us yelling for him.

He was momentarily distracted by a handler and turned around in time for her to say, "We're hoarse." He looked at both of us, smiled and politely dismissed us with a "Hope you enjoyed the show and it was very nice meeting you." As we were walking away I told Maura that Glen thought she said "We're whores."

She was mortified but the remainder of the night I asked "Are we hoarse or whores, I keep getting confused."

Then we would do our best hoarse whore voices.

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