Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oscar 2006 Review

Hello All you Beautiful People out there in TV land! This is Skitzo Leezra coming to you from the Pottery Barn slipcovered sofa here in Louisiana. Tonight I am lucky enough to wear stolen hospital scrubs and a freebie Rock 101.3 KKGB all cotton t-shirt. That's right, just like the celebrities, I didn't pay a thing for my ensemble.

The opening montage began with the overworked line from "The Wizard of Oz" but it recovered. And if you have a t-shirt/bumper sticker/bullshit item with Oz on it, get rid of it, it is stupid. You get a free pass if you are gay.

Though I like Jon Stewart, I have no illusions that he will be a great resenter. Ugh, I am cringing as he falters in the beginning.

It must be an easy day at the office for the cameraman if Jack Nicholson is in the audience. They cut to him as many times as the freaking snakes on Survivor. Too obvious, too trite.

Nicole Kidman looked as good as I have seen her in a coon's age. Hair was pretty and natural, face not so tight and the whole look was pretty and uncontrived.

Paul Giamatti appeared to be wearing a merkin on his face. What's a merkin, you ask? A pubic wig. You heard me.

George Clooney gave a nice speech. He is almost the next Cary Grant.

Lots of gowns in nude/champagne tone. Nicole Kidman, Reese, Uma and Jennifer Garner (nice rack). Naomi also but it didn't look so hot on her.

Congrats to Reese. John's Nana called it. She predicted that Reese would win. I saw "Walk the Line" Saturday night and really enjoyed it. Would happily raid the wardrobe department for June Carter's threads.

Wallace & Gromit folks gave a nice touch with the coordinating bowties.

Dolly Parton - how many times does a girl from the holler get to perform at the Academy Awards? How's about a skirt? You opted for pants? I now see how your look has influenced years of Playboy models and wannabe sexpots but you are aging well and though I don't dig your music, I like your personae.

Jennifer Aniston - I am SO over black dresses but you look nice.

Russell Crowe actually appears to have taken a bath but his eyes looked a little fucked up. Baby steps.

Steve Carrell & Will Ferrell's make up trick was funny. Did you notice that they both had pretty greige colored ties?

Glad the Academy did away with in-the-aisle presentations.

Rachel Adams - great yellow sequined dress, if you were in a Fanta commercial.

Frances McDormand - Sissy Spacek called and she wants her look back.

Rachel Weisz was a good actress in a shit movie. I gotta confess now. I gave it a good review because I wanted everyone else to lose $7 and 2 hours on that horrible movie.

Felt bad for Lauren Bacall when flubbing her lines. Wish she would have said something profane and flipped the bird. The show needed it.

I love me some TiVo. Nominees reactions are slo-moed.

Charlize Theron - I remember your single puff-sleeve AJ Bari dress except the first time I saw it was in 1982 when I wore it to my prom 'cept it was peach moire taffeta.

Enjoyed the penguins on stage but maybe because there was so little entertainment.

Whew, I was nervous when J-Lo was on stage talking about music and SO relieved that she did not sing.

Salma Hayek - I was wondering what the hell "a regional score" was when I realized she meant "original score". Ohhhh, got it now.

Heath Ledger - did I spy you chewing GUM? Again, I say, it is not appropriate in church, it is not appropriate for the Oscars. Buy some couth, already.

King Kong dudes - way to choreograph speeches in allotted time. Good job.

I got a feeling that one of those Oscars will find itself welded to a car hood soon.

How novel of Gavin Hood to reference his website for thank yous.

Ziho Zhang's full ball gown was pretty.

So far no political speeches. Thank you.

Can I just say that I like the haunting melody of "Brokeback Mountain" soundtrack?

All in all, pretty boring. I fast forwarded thru the Pimp Song but reckon that was the big excitement of the night.

Over to you, Pink!

Hello Oscar-ites,
Greetings from Pink!

I have to admit, I only watched the first hour & was bored---pace was far too slow. The audience diidn't have the usual buzz which makes me look forward to the program.

As much as l like Jon Stewart, it also pained me at times to watch him. Perhaps just virgin-Oscar jitters -- his, not mine.

I guess I've lived in Florida too long--I liked Rachel Adams' dress & the Fanta chicks!! So there!

Rachel Weisz was my favorite of the night -- radiant, gracious & quick acceptance

George Clooney - hubba-hubba!

Sandra Bullock is always a favorite. Thank God most of the presentation was left to her & not Keanu. He sounds like English isn't even his second language.

If I were accepting an award, I'd want "Jaaaack" to be my presenter.

Ditto to the sentiments on J-Lo not singing & not talking very much in her fake-girly falsetto. Anyone catch her-finger-pulling her skirt as she flowed across stage? Betcha she practiced that in front of the mirror.

Morgan Freeman-sans tie is a great look for an after-hours work party, but this IS the Oscars!!

Salma was charming. Notice they assigned her that catagory because no one else can pronounce "Santolalla", nor any other names in that group.

Let's go to Ralph now.
Pink is over and out!

Ralph here, though I don't have the detailed recollection of Miss Leezra, I will try.

While I missed Jon Stewart's poor opening showing, I liked the way he balanced his humor and didn't stick to all things political.

For the criticisms: too many montages. What was the purpose of the "Film Noir" montage? Oh, "Film Noir" is a significant genre. Wow, wouldn't have known that.

I thought Heath was predicted by many to be the next sexpot? Between the gum-chewing and that bad facial hair, he dropped several steps on that ladder.

Also, some of the major categories only had 3 nominations. They couldn't come up with at least 4?

Also, I thought it was a rule you had to wear a jacket. Wasn't it just a few years ago that they made the guy who accepted the Oscar for Eminem to wear a jacket over his Phillies jersey?

Also, I echo I am so glad that J-Lo didn't sing. Her ship is quickly following that of Britney Spears, just at a slower rate...a has-been that never was at an early age.

For the good stuff...

I don't care if Charlize Theron wore a Catholic school girl uniform...she is
stunningly beautiful. (Hmm...I might actually like her in that outfit.)

My heart went out to Lauren Bacall. I think they need to make that print bigger on those teleprompters.

I usually don't like Lily Tomlin, but her and Meryl Streep did a great job with crossing up each other's dialog.

Altman acceptance speech was very good. I love the bit about getting the heart transplant.

Even as he as aged, George Clooney has kept his boyish charm. It makes him very likable.

Ditto on the good job of Gavin Hood to recognize his website.

Jennifer A, Selma H, Charlize T, and Reese are all beautiful women. All different types, but all are high on the Ralph scale. The other is Catherine Keener. Not in those ladies class, but something about her makes her a Ralph-girl.

I saw "Capote" and Philip Seymour Hoffman did do a great job.

My favorite acceptance speech was Reese's. All the people she thanked, and then thanked Joaquan Phoenix on top of it. Exhuded class and sincerity to me.

Back to you!!!

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