Wednesday, March 19, 2008

25 Random facts about me

  1. I think I am a better-than-average driver.
  2. I think everyone else is a bad driver.
  3. When the lottery prize approaches $250,000,000 I will purchase a ticket but rarely ever think about it when the lottery prize is lower, as if $30,000,000 isn't worth the paperwork.
  4. To me, boyfriends should be like a leases. After 2 years, you either re-up or turn it in.
  5. I am not afraid to die.
  6. I don't want anyone I love to die.
  7. Plaid is my favorite color.
  8. If we were in jail, you would want to know me. I would be that person that knew how to get stuff.
  9. When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up and go to jail. In my mind, they had cool bunk beds and lolled in them while reading comic books.
  10. I honk at every asshole that travels through a red light.
  11. I wish I could shoot at them with a paint gun.
  12. I feel I should be authorized to shoot a paint gun at red light scofflaws.
  13. My red light scofflaw plan states that cops can pull over any car with 3 or more paint ball stains and write a ticket, no questions asked.
  14. I love stirring up shit with drunk folks.
  15. Coca-Cola in a can, that is my vice.
  16. Sonic ice, that's nice.
  17. Though a Louisiana girl, I don't dig boiled crawfish or po-boys.
  18. Potatoes and corn boiled with crawfish? Aw, HELL yeah!
  19. Pecans = good.
  20. I have sent anonymous postcards with decor suggestions to folks that have ugly houses.
  21. I agree with my mom that sunshine has healing properties.
  22. It cracks me up when a man refers to a woman as a "broad". But only if he means it.
  23. If I were on a deserted island, I would want my Sirius satellite radio and lots of batteries.
  24. The man's scent Aramis makes me weak. I know, I know, it is old school but maybe that is why.
  25. Other favorite smell? MarksALot permanent markers! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I must say, I think I knew all of these things about you already. Does that mean I know you TO well??

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