Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crawfish thieves caught by private investigator

I find most of those "stupid thief" funny story things a bit lame but just love the last sentence of this story.

Private Investigator Uses Night Vision Binoculars to Catch Crawfish Thieves

Three men are facing charges after stealing crawfish out of an Acadia Parish pond.
It happened around 8:00 Thursday night on Highway 90. The trio was caught by a private investigator hired by the pond's owner. The owner hired the private investigator because he was fed up with the recent thefts in the area.
The P.I. used night vision binoculars to spot the men. Forty year old Edward Harris and two 17 year olds Frank Bott and Mel Menard are now behind bars.
Investigators say the men were trying to hide underwater, but were spotted by a nose sticking out.

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