Thursday, February 21, 2008

No thank you required

Last week co-worker Rufus (not his real name) complained of chest pains. Before we could get him to a vehicle, he collapsed. The usual pandemonium ensued, calling 911, getting aspirin, listening to 911 instructions, etc. While waiting for the ambulance, I knelt before Rufus and asked him if he would like me to pray with him. Never will I forget the look on his face. It was pure relief. We held hands and I prayed. Have no idea what I said. But he kept a firm grip on my hand and we stayed that way until the EMTs arrived.

Fast forward a day and Rufus is back in the office, thanking ME for helping him. No, he helped ME. A couple years ago, I wouldn't have the courage to pray aloud. A couple years ago, I would have felt like I was imposing. A couple years ago, I felt someone else was better equipped to intercede but God was at work.

Yesterday, Rufus sent me a bouquet of flowers.


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