Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Would you have liked Al Gore in high school?

My friend Dawn introduced me to her own version of a bar game. She would speak with someone for a few minutes then lean over to inform me just exactly what this person was like in high school. That and a few beers was quite entertaining.
Anywho, found this old e-mail from 2000 in my file yesterday and it still makes me laugh.

------------------------ from me to Dawn--------------------------
Hello Dawn,
I now subscribe to Dawn theory of "High School Image Reflecting on Today" school of thought. After watching a Presidential debate this week, I wanna play the game.

  • So tell me, do you agree that Al Gore was a teacher's ass kissing pansy boy
  • that hung around with your crowd all the time, occasionally shooting off his mouth?
  • And it would be required to kick his ass on a regular basis just to make him bearable?
  • And the home room teacher thought he was "such a nice boy"?
  • And the only reason you LET him hang around was because he had a car or a swimming pool?

I am interested in your test of the Theory.

Skitzo Leezra

---------------------Dawn answers-------------------------

  • Ass kissin' cocky smart guy
  • with his nose in the air,
  • on the debate team
  • was the lead in the school plays,
  • sang in the choir who had a group of nerdy girls that thought he was THE SHIT, who he would only abuse
  • only hung out with teachers because he felt that the teachers understood him
  • felt none of his classmates could communicate on his level
  • other than that herd of nerdy groupies, he had no male friends
  • none of the rest of his classmates knew he was alive
  • in his mind, he was the most popular, well-loved kid in school

I can totally see the car/pool angle but I'm guessing that he would think he was too good to associate with a pack of immature teengagers who he'd eventually show his superiority to by becoming President.

Either way, he needed an ass-kicking!!



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