Friday, April 18, 2008

Feng Shui must be done with INTENTION

I am into the Feng Shui thing. Well, sometimes you just decorate and place things without having the "intention" part of your brain in gear.
The other night I was reading (skimming) the "relationship/love" section of yet another Feng Shui book and thinking, "Yeah, whatever, I could give a shit about THAT chapter" as I let my eyes wander to the relationship corner of my bedroom.
Well, my attitude was quite obvious by the items placed there. A small headless female mannequin form, all by herself, surrounded by antique hats and hat boxes!
What is THAT?! I got no head? (No brain?) I cannot think clearly about relationships? Old head coverings = old attitudes? Doggone it, the headless chick cannot even WEAR the hats! Am I sending out a vibe or WHAT?
Needless to say, I moved the items in question. No, have not replaced with "man getting" stuff but don't won't to tempt fate TOO much!
Thought you would enjoy my sad little life,
what with my desolate relationship corner and all,
I am,

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