Monday, April 21, 2008

Redneck Pranksters, my favorite kind

Remember a few months back when all the network news programs were airing YouTube clips of kids performing the fire in the hole prank? One part of me felt sorry for those poor minimum wage folks that received a shower of biggie drink full of cola but the other part of me kinda snickered at the prank.
I just remembered about the redneck version of this prank:

Pig-tossing is the newest trend among redneck pranksters.
West Point, Mississippi has been seeing a rash of animal-tossing episodes, the Associated Press reports.
The most recent episode was the toss of a 60-pound pig over the counter of the Holiday Inn Express by Kevin Pugh, 20. No one was hurt, including the pig.
Pugh was fined $279, and given some very strange looks by police, who find the trend very bizarre.
"This was the silliest thing I've ever seen," McCaskill said. "Almost every officer we had was involved because the incidents kept happening at different hours."
McCaskill said there have been four late-night incidents involving animal-tossing at West Point businesses. Twice a pig was tossed; two of the incidents involved possums.
"He [Pugh] said it was a prank," McCaskill said. "It must be some redneck thing, because I haven't ever heard of anything like it."
All four of the incidents took place between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., according to McCaskill.
Pugh is accused in another animal-throwing incident at a Hardee's restaurant.

My friend Dawn thinks they got this idea from the "Squeal of Fortune" episode on Sesame Street. Guy Smiley is the host and the "Count" is his Vanna White type assistant. They put a pig prostrate on the wheel and spin it really hard to see how many times it squeals before the wheel stops. The "Count" keeps tally by saying "ONE.....ONE SQUEAL, TWO.....TWO SQUEALS....ETC..." They never actually show the pig barfing but it appears that it is definitely woozy. It's awesome and makes me laugh.

That's some pig.

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