Wednesday, April 09, 2008

You win the cute contest

Mom, Rikki Tikki Tavi and I started the Cute Contest eons ago. You meet, take a quick look at each other and decide who looks the best: head to toe, clothing and coiffure. Then you pronounce someone as the winner of the Cute Contest. You have the option of accepting graciously or deflecting and saying, "No, YOU win the cute contest, I love your shoes."

Not feeling cute? You should head off participation by loudly proclaiming, "I am not playing the Cute Contest today." You can say that on the phone before you even leave the house. "Okay, I'll meet you at the theater but I am telling you right now that I am NOT playing the cute contest . . . although I do have a fresh pedicure and my sandals are cute."

However, even if one is not feeling confident and has stated that they are not playing the Cute Contest, they may still win. "Girl, I know you are not playing but that new cute hair 'do alone wins the Cute Contest."
If all gathered have not put in an effort for attractiveness, the Cute Contest is not mentioned AT ALL.

Here's a twist on the Cute Contest. You can state that YOU win the Cute Contest, either in person or on phone but you must qualify such statement. "I win the Cute Contest today because I am wearing this sundress that hasn't fit since last summer."
AND you can tell of a Cute Contest that others weren't even aware of their participation. "I had a meeting today with the Ladies Luncheon group and I totally won the Cute Contest."

Here's hoping YOU win the cute contest!

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