Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Some of the best compliments I have ever received

Or at least the ones that I can share here, in mixed company.

When you receive a great compliment, it sticks with ya.

1) My friend and I bought state lottery tickets when the game debuted in Louisiana. She purchased hers, turned to me and said she hoped that I would win. How nice, I thought, wishing I could return the good thought and asked her why. "You would 'do' rich so well because you have such great taste." I couldn't agree more.
2) At my fabulous 40th birthday party, complete with prize wagon, live band, margarita machine and JellO shots, my teenage helper told her mom, "I hope I am as cool as Leezra when I turn 40".
3) Turdpolisher wrote about me on his blog, Fil-Turd:
"A look at life from the feminine side -- sort of. Leezra is the kind of girl most guys wanna to hang with. She's loud. She's bawdy. She's hot. At least that's what comes through in her writing. Skitzo covers topics as diverse as dating, rednecks, pop culture, and news. Check her out if you got the balls."

Aww, LOVE that.

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