Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Stupid crap that women do, 1

A couple weekends ago I had breakfast at a diner with my friends and we were seated next to a large table full of guys. Because I love to people watch, I enjoyed figuring out that the guys were discussing their antics the night before, probably at a bachelor party. Their loud voices and laughter were entertaining, even if I couldn't hear their words.
All of the sudden, the table became quiet. I turned to see a young lady greeting the guys. She was dressed in running gear. I surmised that she was the fiance and "just happened" to be running by the diner.
So, get this, she stopped in to where her honey was recounting fun times with his buds and STAYED to eat with them. Their heads stayed down and the chatter was over.
What douche move, I couldn't help to think. Guess Louise, give the guy a break! Way to emasculate your guy in front of his friends. With my invisible rubber stamp, I marked their marriage as "DOOMED". Sure, he might have invited her to drop by but damn, no way would I interlope on my imaginary man.

Let your man MISS YOU!
Let him wonder where you are.
Let him hang with his buds.
Don't imagine that he cannot eat breakfast without you.
Don't make your neediness so obvious.

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