Thursday, September 17, 2009

Parental logic

When we were kids, my mom never kept carbonated beverages in the house. Our choice was lemonade, KoolAid, iced tea or water. Dinner at a restaurant or a trip to the movies was a double treat because we could order Coca-Cola!
Once, while grocery shopping with Mom, I asked her to purchase Cokes for us kids. No.
"But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"? I pleaded.
"Ya'll just drink 'em."
It stopped my whining but I didn't understand the response.

I reminded Mom of it the other day and she laughed. "I said that?"
"Well, I guess it made sense at the time."


f1trey said...

daddy buys cheap beer because...youre just gonna piss it out in 20 minutes..........however....a shot of crown is........good...

Kimberly said...

I guess Coca-Cola is meant to be savored being its so refined and all.

At my house we never had any of that fake was the Real Thing or nothing at all.

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