Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Doesn't sound right

Heard a little bit of Peter Frampton's "Do You Feel Like We Do?" during my 3 minute work commute this morning and man, I gotta tell ya, I still love it but it just doesn't sound the same as when I listened to the 8 track version over and over, back in the day. The song doesn't seem authentic without the loud telltale 8 Track ~~CLICK~~ during Frampton's 14 minute ride on the voice box.
Good thing about 8 tracks: no flipping of album required, no flipping of cassette, no replay button on CD player. That shit would play all day long.

Bad thing about 8 Tracks: That shit would play all day long when Dad slipped in George Jones on a long drive to camp. It fell under the category of child abuse.


f1trey said...

how can yo POSSIBLY go wrong......hangin at the pool....frampton on the jukebox...perfection.....

Louisiana Belle said...

Haha. I listened to 8 tracks too but I don't remember the click. Of course, I was probably, um, stoned.

It took several trips to the record store to finally get Frampton Comes Alive because they were always sold out, and I listened to that non-stop for days. Good times.

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