Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fuck with nature and nature will fuck with you

Killer whale Tilikum* knocks over trainer at Sea World show and kills her.

Crocodile Hunter Steven Irwin killed by stingray.

Trained tiger makes kibble of Roy Horn in the Siegfried and Roy show at the Mirage hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

How about that old lady's 200 pound chimpanzee who ripped off the face of her friend?

((dude, I cannot post
a photo of her mauled face,
it is
too gross))

Mess with a wild animal and watch your back, dummies.

*This is Tilikum's third kill. Wonder if Tilikum gets a killer whale gang tattoo of a teardrop on his face near his eye? Should Tilikum have three teardrops? Filled in? Somebody clue me in on killer whale gang symbols.


Kimberly said...

Funny how people always want to destroy the animal that attacks. Der, der, der - they're animals, in their nature. I have no sympathy for people who get harmed while making animals do stupid stuff or while trying to sneak into an animals natural habitat. "You mess with the bull you get hooked by the horns." I believe Killer Whales attack to the Jaws theme and I also believe instead of teardrops near the eye...they get them around their blow holes.

Kittie Howard said...

I am totally clueless as to what a killer whale is doing in a swimming pool. He had killed before and will kill again (duh, isn't that what Killer Whales do?) It's totally insane, how wild animals are supposed to be stuffed animals that move on cue! Lovely post!!

Louisiana Belle said...

Really! You posted about something that seriously pisses me off. I am wildly opposed to circuses and any other arena where animals are trained and sometimes beat to put on a show. Wild animals are not on this earth to perform tricks for us. They are WILD ANIMALS! Let them be what God created them to be, living in their natural habitat. Why do humans have to try to control everything. Ugh!

Elizabeth said...

Who is friends with someone that lives with a chimpanzee?

Michelle said...

I am with you on this!! Wild animals are just that...wild! You can't make them pets, and you shouldn't make them perform. Why be surprised when they act like....wild animals?

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