Monday, March 15, 2010

Word of the day

I know Emily Post's rules of etiquette frontways and backways but you'd never guess it if you heard my trucker mouth so upon learning a secret way to say "fuck you", I couldn't wait to get back and report to you. Pay attention, kittens, and learn.
At a formal meeting of females, the most esteemed leader was interrupted by a junior shit stirrer in regards to specific ruledom and such but the point was a month-old and moot. M.E.L. raised her eyebrows while S.S. made her comment in a very tattletale tone.
((Lean in and try to spot it . . . .))
M.E.L. very professionally said, "Noted" and adjourned the meeting.
Shit Stirrer, you just got schooled! Noted? No discussion, no explanation, no defensiveness but pretty much dismissed.

Practice it today and report back to me.


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