Friday, July 09, 2010

Duh of the Day - get spayed!

No shit, that crazy ass octomom hyena laugher Nadya Suleman willingly posed with PETA's new campaign ad
Don't let your dog or cat
become an "octomom

in exchange for $5000 and a month's supply of veggie hotdogs.

Suleman, 34, acknowledged she put the sign on her door partly for the money but added her support of PETA is sincere.

"I love animals and I do believe they should be spayed or neutered," she said. "Humans of course are much different."

Duh, wacked out breeder! Humans are much different. Trust me on this, it's so much more difficult to jam humans into my a back seat and force them into sterilization but just like a cute but stupid dog or cat, some two-leggeds shouldn't make their own breeding decisions. Talk to any reputable dog breeder and they'll liken Nadya to a puppy mill. I'm just sayin', if my neighbor allowed their hormonally deranged mama dog sporting pavement dragging teats to produce 14 litters of puppies within 8 years, they should probably expect a visit from the parish* animal shelter or zoning commission.
*county to the rest of "you people"


Kimberly said...

Some people shouldn't be able to reproduce...she was one of them.

"Seattle" Heather said...

She needs her tubes tied...I can give her my docs name & number.

SkitzoLeezra said...

If she were a mama dog, her children would be sold in the parking lot of a WalMart.

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