Friday, August 07, 2009

Don't wanna be like you

When some folks don't want to be considered part of a group, they often ridicule it and lately I have found myself disparaging old folks and their behaviors that I find typical and irritating like watching Wheel of Fortune, driving slow and being general pains in the ass. I wonder if making fun of them separates me, kinda like the way I run down married folks and parents as in, please don't look at me at part of their group because I am not. I wonder if it is a defense mechanism, to disdain what I am not a part of, the way non-Greeks would make fun of those in sororities or fraternities. Reject them before they can reject you.
I remember my divorced grandmother exclaiming her disappointment of a suitor's advanced age. Turns out he was 2 years older but she didn't think of herself as her real age so why should she settle for an old man. She saw him as old and feeble while she was vibrant. It opened my eyes to the discrepancy of reality and how we look at ourselves. Who hasn't met someone that wouldn't be considered a catch but yet they thought they deserved the youngest and the hottest?
Man, I don't wanna get old. I don't want be considered old. And I am not old. Yet.

Just being pro-active with my disdain so there's no confusion. That group? I am not part of it.

Things I am not doing, thus, not old:

  • Calling my bank every other day to get my account balance.

  • Carrying a white vinyl purse with tissues, $2 and a supermarket discount card.

  • Driving slow and coasting through stop signs.

  • Watching Wheel (of Fortune).

  • Talking about my latest hip replacement surgery to every stranger in my path.

  • Bragging that I don't anything a thing about computers.

  • Wearing eye-watering amounts of Youth Dew perfume.

  • Eating budget priced cat food.

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