Thursday, August 20, 2009

Funny people

Mom and I decided a long time ago that we both go for "funny people." If you keep us amused, we'll hang around. My bestest friend Chrysanthemum says mean stuff all the time but dang, she is some funny. And when I told Dawn that I couldn't marry a guy without a sense of humor, she corrected me and declared that I should marry a guy that thinks I am amusing. No, she wasn't complimenting me, she was saying that life is too short to be with someone who thinks they are funny.
Anywho, today I am reading old blog entries on Misadventures in Maturity site and chuckling over the antics of house sitters.
Last night, I read a chapter in PJ O'Rourke's book Driving Like Crazy: Thirty Years of Vehicular Hell-bending, Celebrating America the Way It's Supposed To Be -- With an Oil Well in Every Backyard, a Cadillac ... of the Federal Reserve Mowing Our Lawn where PJ mentions a friend with cancer, down to 90 pounds and walking on 2 canes. The friend has taken to wearing a XXL t-shirt emblazoned with "I Am A Vegetarian" -- just for kicks.

Funny shit I've seen/heard lately:
  • Rescue Me episode "Carrot" - Sean has a new medical problem.
  • Dawn said she needed a new pedicure and thought her "cocaine toenail" was due for a trim.
  • Tropic Thunder movie - Robert Downey Jr's character Kirk Lazarus says to annoying platoon mate "What? You been talkin' to me this whole time?" It isn't that funny out of context but Dawn and I decided immediately that we are gonna start saying this to every one that bores us with blather.
  • Chrysanthemum's doctor and insurance company requires photos of her chest before approving a breast reduction. We laughed and laughed when we imagined their reaction if she went in the waiting room with Mardi Gras pearl necklaces and drink cups and then pretended she was on "Girls Gone Wild".


Michelle said...

PHOTOS before they will approve a reduction?? That is insane! PERVERTS!! And yeah, my brother is the worst house sitter of all time ;). I'm glad you enjoyed his mischief.

f1trey said...

ok...not cool....ive spent like...the last 45 minutes searching for a blog of chrysanthemum to find a pic....ill look for a life next......

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