Friday, August 21, 2009

Obama - don't kill MY grandma!

Have you received the scare tactic e-mail of the week?
The one that says that the current health plan in the Senate will kill old folks. Well, not really. The bill allows for counseling regarding end of life issues such as DoNotResusitate plans and such but the reactionaries are sending e-mails saying Obama is gonna kill your grandma.
Uncle Joe sent it to me and I had enough of his right wing Christian fundamentalist leaning e-mail blather so responded back that I was ALL for capping the old folk health care because "you baby boomers are lasting way too long and we (younger folk) are paying for it." Surprisingly, Uncle Joe did not go off on me but just said that I would be old one day. He doesn't know about the DIPP provision implemented by my friends.
Come to think of it, I am gonna call my local representative and recommend the Soylent Green option.

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