Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Listen to Jay Thomas tell the story about his most memorable Halloween.

MY most memorable Halloween?

They are all a blur. But while in my 20's (or 30's?), I went to the New Orleans City Park haunted house attraction, drank beer with my friends while waiting in line and all the sudden, from the dark, a hockey masked guy ran at us while cranking up a chainsaw. Fight or flight? I picked flight. The crowd went one way, I went the other. Now you understand the Animal Planet's documentaries and why ya gotta stay with the herd. I was a little frightened but not really believing the Chainsaw guy really wanted to hurt me but dang, he is being a little careless with how close that loud and dangerous machine was to my face. We zigged and zagged while the crowd watched our chase. Finally, he gave up. I returned to my friends, all laughing their asses off. "Yeah, yeah, really funny but that guy was getting a little too close with that chainsaw!"

They laughed until they could catch their breath and finally said, "it was a leaf blower, dumb ass!"

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Kimberly said...

Better to be safe than be sorry!

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