Friday, November 20, 2009

Cancer and heart disease

Joe Jackson might have had it right when he sang "Everything Gives You Cancer".
Every couple years, a new theory places blame of growing cancer rates on microwaves, fast food, tap water, cell phone use, etc. Modern medicine diagnoses cancer better and faster now so we probably suppose that it is affecting more people. No one dies of old age anymore.

This morning I heard that researchers tested some 3,500 year old mummies and found 9 out of 16 with hardening of the arteries so perhaps McDonald's is not to blame for present day heart maladies.
I hope to die with a completely worn out body that looks like it shoulda kicked 100,000 miles earlier.

Not having a clue about my cholesterol numbers
not giving a shit,
I am,
Skitzo Leezra


f1trey said...

ya goob...hehe gonna keep takin my fish oil!!!!

Louisiana Belle said...

Haha, I get so sick of the scientific "experts". For years eggs were bad and now they're really not so bad. The list goes on and on. The human body is so complex, and each person reacts so uniquely to the environment that it is ridiculous to think "they" have all the answers for everyone.

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