Thursday, November 05, 2009

He doesn't deserve to breathe air

Convicted DC sniper John Allen Muhammad asked the Supreme Court to block his execution. The mastermind of the 2002 three week long killing spree had a hand in snuffing 10 lives. 10 families forever changed and haunted by some sick fuck that shot them from the cover of darkness, like a coward. And now this waste of space and food wants the court to reconsider his case because he is mentally ill. I agree, he is ill and the prescription is an injection to the arm and a nice long burn in hell. If an ill dog killed 10 people, the dog would be "put down". Same for him.

10 families lost their loved ones in a split second but the "mentally challenged" killer wakes up another day to prepare a delay on his own death. It boggles my mind that he can ask for the very thing that he denied for 10. Another day, another chance, another reprieve. He decided the exact time of death for his victims. They didn't deserve another day, another chance, another reprieve but he does?

Here in the lower left hand corner of Louisiana, the anguished mother of a convicted cop killer cried on local television that "her baby" was going to prison for life and she would never hold him in her arms again. Huh. Unbelievable that she could say that in front of the dead officer's wife, mom and dad. She could talk to her murderous spawn through glass for who-knows-how-many years. What wouldn't the officer's family give for just one more minute? Just one minute to hug him, look him in the eyes, say that they loved him and would miss him forever?


f1trey said...

ditto that.........

Kittie Howard said...

Very ditto that -- we were in Viginia, in the area, when that sadist terrorized everyone --

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