Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bella sucks

Ashley from Ashley's Closet remarked her vagina may be revoked for saying it, but she didn't like the Twilight book series. I didn't read the books but did see the first movie "Twilight" so when baby sister Rikki Tikki Tavi asked me to see "New Moon" last weekend, I checked the other listings to see if we could just meet in the theater lobby afterward. There was nothing of interest so I joined her and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the flick.
Of course, the films cannot include all the aspects of a book but I get the parallels:
  • delaying the the vampire bite (prolonging virginity)
  • dispute between the vampires and wolves (diversity)
  • wolf leader's fiancee' with scarred face (spousal physical abuse)
  • vampire acceptance of Bella (suspending judgement)
All good lessons for the teenage females for sure but am I the first to say this ~~ Bella Swan is a shitty role model for chicks.
  • She has no respect for her dad when she disappears to Italy for three days
  • She causes a large manhunt when she gets depressed and disappears in the woods
  • She ignores her friends and has no use for them until she needs cheering up
  • She puts her female friend in danger when she flirts with a rough outlaw biker
  • She cannot be without male attention
She is too wrapped into her dude to be of any interest on her own. Bella is the kind of chick that wouldn't make my friend cut. Not that she gives a crap.


Michelle said...

I'm not a fan of Twilight either, I guess I will turn in my vagina now. I personally have myriad issues with the book, not the least of which is to glamorize the idea of being overpowered/dominated. Do teenagers really need to be getting this kind of message? I refuse to let my niece read the books or see the movie. She tells me I have "ruined her life." I explained that in the future I will do many, many more horrible things that will be even ruinous to her life. But...in the meantime, you might enjoy this: http://theoatmeal.com/story/twilight

f1trey said...

LOL didnt see it.... didnt read it......

Kimberly said...


Lia said...

hahahahahaa I am with you on the subject :)

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