Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I can't NOT watch

Steven Seagal Lawman series on A & E television network.
He affects the accent of the local dudes although he didn't grow up in Jefferson Parish or Louisiana. He asks young African American kids which of them is the best basketball player. No, really. He mumbles. He says ya'll. He plays guitar. And like a bad automotive smash up on the road, I gotta look.
Here's the entertaining side view: when the cameras angle for crime, they have a helicopter view and multiple cameras in bad neighborhoods. When illustrating the what-Tina Turner-called the "good side of the city", you see footage of the French Quarter, Uptown and the iconic streetcars. All things NOT in Jefferson parish but rather, Orleans parish. Producers of the show didn't seem to be able to read a map.
Check it out and find your new guilty pleasure.

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